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Sofa Circuit Challenge

Got a sofa? Got a craving for another ridiculous challenge? Welcome aboard the Sofa Circuit Challenge

The task is simple; you have one week to see how far you can go around your sofa.

If the idea of running around your sofa doesn’t appeal don’t worry it can be anywhere in your house. It can be loops of your kitchen, laps of your hallway or even circuits of your garden. Just measure it up and add in the loops or laps as you go and our site will calculate how far you’ve gone.

The timer starts the minute you sign up and you have one whole week to see how far you can go with stunning virtual medals for 1km, 5km, 10km, Half Marathon, Marathon, 50km and for the truly bananas 100km!!

As a health warning, we are doing this challenge to keep people at home and stopping the spread of this vicious disease so please be safe during the challenge. We’ve done a trial of the sofa circuit and fast walked as running felt a bit on the dangerous side. We encourage you to not push yourself too much, it is just a bit of fun at the end of the day. It is essential that you swap your direction every 20-50 loops to avoid injuring yourself/going lop sided!

James will be kicking off the challenge by attempting to complete a marathon in one day around his two-seater sofa.

So sign up, get lapping and let’s get dizzy/active together!

This challenge is free to sign up to. The website enables you to track the laps you have covered and will record the total distance you moved throughout the week.

Pick the loop of your circuit and mesure how many steps it takes to cover one lap. Record how many laps you do durning the day and when you're finished, log in and add them to your tally.

You'll be able to compete against other people taking part, but remember, do take care, it's not a race, just something to keep us all moving. If you feel like you might be over doing it then DO NOT continue.

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